RIP Head Hunter

Ron " Head Hunter" Knight - - - - - - - - September 15, 1969 - July 4, 2015

 I met Ron "Head Hunter" Knight in May 2014. From that first encounter I knew we were destined to be lifelong friends. How was I to know that the friendship would be cut short. The first thing I noticed was this dude is a giant. He had to be because his heart was far bigger than that of the average man.

 If I had to choose his most outstanding trait it would have to be Selflessness. He was constantly giving of himself. One occasion he was cooking burgers, brats and hot dogs for hours in the blistering 90 degree heat. I told him to take a break and I would watch the grill for a while. He just looked at me with his Notre Dame hat on backwards, smiled and said, "I got this". Or riding in a torrential down pour to attend a Marine's Memorial service. Again he had a quick, witty reply. He said, as rain poured down his face, "If it ain't raining, we ain't training". Always contacting me asking "What more can I do?" "When is the next event?"

 In the relatively short span of time that Ron Knight was in my life he taught me so much about the true definition of Friendship. It means being there for one another no matter what the circumstance, time or place. In your lifetime you will have many acquaintances, pals and buddies. But FRIENDS, TRUE FRIENDS, those that will stay with you through thick and thin, good times and bad this number will be much lower. I count myself very fortunate to have known Ron "Head Hunter" Knight. I will leave you with one last piece of advice from Head Hunter. "Suck It Up!" Which means, Keep on going. Keep on helping others. Stay the course.

Head Hunter reported to his Final Duty Station July 4, 2015.

Iron Man - Secretary - Dogs Of War Chapter - Leathernecks MC International

Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Sat, 07/04/2015

RIP Road Queen

Penny " Road Queen " Roscetti

Semper Fi!  Not just a Motto! It is a Lifestyle that Penny "Road Queen" Roscetti, Lived, Breathed and Had Etched into her Big Heart until her untimely passing.

This has been a very difficult Memorial to write. Even though Penny prepared us for her departure, now that the time has arrived, the pain is no less.

Who couldn't call Penny their friend. I can't recall a situation where she walked in a room, not knowing anyone and walked out saying goodbye to each and everyone, as if they had know each other for years.

I smile remembering the first time I met Penny. Out riding, enjoying the weather, and someone yelling from a roof top," Hey, what are you doing wearing my colors?". Yes, literally from the roof, she was helping a friend shingle. It was from that point, I knew Penny was one in a million. It never mattered what anyone needed, she was always there offering her help, anyway she could.

Who cannot smile while thinking of the Queen of the Road or "Road Queen" for which she was fondly known. She was always striving to improve the club and support each member. Attaining the position of IFC President, Penny was the first woman to ever hold that position in a Motorcycle Club, of which she was very proud.

Veteran's held a special place in Penny's heart. Not an Honor Flight came in that Penny wasn't there, showing her support, waving the American Flag so proud. During the Vietnam Vigil, Penny would show up in the wee hours of the morning, bringing food and hot drinks to those walking their Vigil shift, weather did not deter her.

A stranded motorcycle, along the road, would be surprised by a female stopping to help them. Yes, it was Penny, bounding out her pickup, head full of hair moving side to side, smile on her face, offering help once again.

Penny once told me a story of her cemetery visits. She said that she would lay a penny on the grave stone, so others, who visited later, would know she had been there.  I know when I visit Penny's place of rest, I will leave a penny and a smile. Just my way of letting her know, she's always in my heart.

It's those memories that are helping me through this difficult time. To one who touched so many, I say, ride on my dear friend and soar with the Eagles and your Marines.

Reported to Her Final Duty Station 14 March 2015


Lurch VP IFC

Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Sat, 03/14/2015

GySgt Moncie Johns "THE GUNNY"



Moncie “GUNNY” Johns (formerly Prospect Hollywood), GySgt, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired).                 March 14, 1970 – June 17, 2014   

Gunny graduated from High School in Hephzibah Georgia in 1988 and promptly joined the U.S. Marine Corps.  Moncie served over 21 years in the Marine Corps and attained the ranks of Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Commander, and Company Gunnery Sergeant for Infantry Companies.  Gunny retired from the Corps in April 2010. His personal decorations include, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat “V” for superior performance in the execution of his duties while serving as a Platoon Sergeant for Weapons Platoon, Alpha Company,  Battalion Landing Team 1/4, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), from 05 to 27 August 2004 during combat operations in Najaf and Kufah, Iraq. From 05 to 07 August, he proved instrumental in the twelve hundred meter push through the vast Najaf Cemetery, located north of the famed Imam Ali Mosque. Additional service decorations and deployments include but are not limited to: Combat Action Ribbon (Persian Gulf and Iraq), Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary and Service Medals, National Defense Service Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal (Kuwait and Saudi Arabia), Humanitarian Service Medal, Navy and Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Rifle Expert Badge and Pistol Expert Badge.

Following retirement from the Marine Corps, Gunny began work as a contractor with the Engility Corporation in 2010 as a trainer in Afghanistan and Kuwait for US and Coalitions Forces in weapons and CIED in combat zones.  During this time, he moved to Burton/Flint Michigan to be with his fiancé Jennifer, and continued to work in Afghanistan.  In 2013 Moncie returned to the Flint area for an interim corporate position as a Static Security officer for a pharmaceutical based corporation in Michigan.  In February 2014, Gunny again took on a contractor position; with GLOBAL Integrated Security specializing in PSS/GSS, and was stationed in Basra, Iraq until his final duty station date of June 17, 2014. 

Moncie was an active prospect (Hollywood) of the Walking Dead Chapter of the Leathernecks MC (LMCI) and was to obtain his member patch on June 23, 2014 upon his return from Iraq.  Upon his report to final duty station on June 17, 2014, Moncie officially became Walking Dead LMCI member GUNNY.  One of his favorite activities was riding his Harley Softail Slim “the Succubus”, and he was not afraid to take a cold 200 mile Michigan ride in January.  Gunny is survived by his fiancé Jennifer Collette, his daughters Haley and Madison Johns, step-daughter Grace Collette (granddaughter Reina Collette-Cruz), his parents Bill & Brenda Johns, brother and best friend Mike Johns (Reba Johns), sister Felisha Ponsell, additional sisters, brothers and a large extended family in Georgia.

Gunny was proudly returned to American soil on 02July2014. It is said that during peace time, the Veteran serves and protects the flag, and in death it is our flag which reciprocates the action by honorably enriching, cradling, and saluting her protector – the Veteran. To validate that adage, and in a manner befitting a warrior, Moncie was enshrined in his temporary resting place with our national symbol appropriately draped over him, and forever protecting our returning Marine.  There was a remarkable display of patriotic pride, emotional passion, and military precision when the 7-man Marine Corps “carry team” ceremoniously and respectfully escorted “Gunny” off the cargo aircraft and into the loving arms of his Marine family, brother, fiance’ and daughters.  Gunny was attended to from Iraq to American soil by friend and USMC First Sgt John Merriman from GLOBAL Integrated Security.  Additionally, Gunny’s dignified transfer was attended by Gunny’s Marines - Rich Zjawin, Anthony Soehngen, Robert Young and Hector Marcayda.  He was then escorted by many LMCI brothers and sisters to Georgia.  Gunny was laid to final rest with a full USMC military ceremony July 7, 2014 in The Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery – Glennville.

Gunny was a proud Odinist and has gone on to Valhalla to take his seat in the Hall of Warriors. Semper Fidelis, Brother, Hail and Farewell!  Forever Our Brother, Forever a Leatherneck.

For those wishing to know of Gunny’s contributions during the 2004 Battle of Najaf, you will find the recommendation and description of his actions that resulted in his NAVY AND MC COMMENDATION W/ V here:


Staff Sergeant Moncie L. Johns
Staff Sergeant Johns is enthusiastically recommended for the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat “V” for superior performance in the execution of his duties while serving as a Platoon Sergeant for Weapons Platoon, Alpha Company , Battalion Landing Team 1/4, 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), from 05 to 27 August 2004.

During...three weeks of combat operations in Najaf and Kufah, Iraq, Staff Sergeant Johns accomplished his missions in an exemplary manner. From 05 to 07 August, he proved instrumental in the twelve hundred meter push through the vast Najaf Cemetery, located north of the famed Imam Ali Mosque. While taking sniper, Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG), and mortar fire from the west of Route Miami, he quickly dismounted his platoon and consolidated the Marines on line in their attack positions ready for the Company’s main assault. Although the sniper fire attempted to pin down the platoon and slow the units’ movement, Staff Sergeant Johns kept his Marines advancing while clearing hundreds of tombs and catacombs. Assuming control of the Company’s right flank, Staff Sergeant Johns fearlessly ran up and down his platoon line pointing out enemy positions and ensuring Marines were firing on the snipers. Aggressively leading and coordinating the platoon movement, Staff Sergeant Johns continuously exposed himself to enemy fire. On one occasion, he located two enemy observers while receiving accurate fire from as close as seventy-five meters to the front. Positively identifying the Mahdi Militia personnel atop a tall minaret, he swiftly engaged his machine gun section onto the enemy observation point, which was ultimately destroyed. Staff Sergeant Johns exceptionally coordinated the sections’ bursts of fire, while the rest of the platoon continued to move forward. Additionally, while still under persistent fire, he ensured the proper re-supply of ammunition, food, and water to the various positions; this maintained the platoon’s combat effectiveness.

With a fighter-leader attitude, Staff Sergeant Johns, co-located with the mortar section, performed his duties in a superb manner during a Company raid on a former Iraqi Police Station in Kufah on the 21 August 2004. Immediately upon dismounting the Amphibious Assault Vehicles, the section came under heavy direct and indirect fire. As Third Platoon conducted its main effort “attack and clear” from the south, Staff Sergeant Johns quickly set up a hasty mortar position. While his section began to take an increased volume of effective fire, Staff Sergeant Johns remained calm and confident and displayed sound judgment and decisiveness. As Third Platoon pushed through the objective, Mahdi Militia located in a school and cemetery to the rear attacked with mortars, small arms, and RPG’s. From these locations, enemy reinforcements, as close as two hundred meters away, prepared to initiate a ground counterattack on the Company’s main effort. Though under a heavy barrage of projectiles and explosives himself, and acting on his own initiative, Staff Sergeant Johns laid his mortar tubes and machine guns onto the enemy positions. After spotting and directing the mortars and machine guns onto the target, he initiated his own violent attack by fire, launching thirteen 60mm mortar rounds and steady medium machine gun fire into the school and cemetery; the adversary was destroyed. Staff Sergeant Johns' bold decisiveness, technical proficiency, courage, and overall leadership thwarted the enemy attack and contributed to the mortar section not taking any casualties.

Staff Sergeant Johns was an integral factor in Company A's success during the Battalion’s main attack with Mahdi Militiamen in the Old City of Najaf from 25 to 27 August. Though again under constant direct and indirect fire, he led the platoon in securing Company Objective Bravo. From this strongpoint, a key building within five hundred meters from the Imam Ali Mosque, Staff Sergeant Johns repeatedly exposed himself to observe and locate enemy positions, which were eventually destroyed. As the fighting intensified, Staff Sergeant Johns successfully assisted in the logistical effort needed to medically evacuate two wounded Marines from his stronghold. While the engagement continued into the night of the 26th, Staff Sergeant Johns was the assistant gunner for a 240G machine gun, which killed nine enemy personnel. In addition, while accompanying a squad-sized patrol from First Platoon, Staff Sergeant Johns took a lead role in fighting off an enemy ambush. As the squad pushed across an alley, dozens of Mahdi Militiamen armed with medium machine guns initiated an attack. Without regard for his safety, Staff Sergeant Johns laid down suppressive fire so the Marines could engage with M203 grenade launchers and then maneuver out of the danger area. During this firefight, an enemy fragmentation grenade exploded meters away. Despite being blown back and suffering the effects of the concussion, he continued vigilantly to lay down fire until the militiamen were destroyed and the Marines could clear the kill zone.

Throughout combat operations in Najaf and Kufah, Staff Sergeant Johns performed above and beyond the call of duty. He led many mounted and dismounted patrols in Company A’s area of responsibility, consistently keeping his Marines alert and focused. He continually employed his sections in positions to where they could best support the Company. Staff Sergeant Johns led his Marines with the forethought of mission accomplishment above all else. Moreover, displaying a significant devotion to troop welfare, he diligently kept the Marines of Weapons Platoon prepared at all times. Staff Sergeant Johns was an indispensable element in the success of the Company. His heroic actions and exemplary performance as Platoon Sergeant set the example for Company A and demonstrated what a Staff Non-Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps should be.

His stellar performance throughout this period is worthy of emulation. Staff Sergeant Johns’ consummate professionalism and unwavering dedication to duty reflected credit upon himself and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service. He is extremely deserving of recognition and the Navy Commendation Medal with Combat “V”.










Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Tue, 06/17/2014


Derek “Slider” Hopkins
15 JUNE 1978 – 11 JUNE 2014
It is with the deepest sorrow we announce the passing of our brother Slider.  He was a devout Father, Son, Brother, and Husband.  After serving 8 years to our beloved Corps and even serving on presidential duty he got out and continued to serve his fellow marines as a faithful patched brother of LMCI.
On his way to meet his brothers for a meeting and fellowship a cage turned in front of him causing a head on collision.  He was life flighted to Nashville, TN where in typical Marine Corps fashion he fought hard for his life for several days.  Unfortunately, the fight became too severe and our good Lord needed another Marine to stand watch in Heaven.
He left behind a wife, 2 daughters, 2 step sons, a band of LMCI brothers, and a legacy that will live forever!
His smile, laugh, love, and dedication will be deeply missed, but always remembered!
Guard the gates well, Marine.
Slider reported to his final duty station on 11 JUNE 2014!
Love and Respect
WildDawgs chapter Louisville, KY
Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Wed, 06/11/2014



James Edward O’Connor, 81 of Gaylord passed away April 6, 2014 at Munson Medical Center. He was born on September 16, 1932 in Detroit to Edward and Katherine (Hawkins) O’Connor.  
After changing schools numerous times during a turbulent childhood, Jim quit high school and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on his 18th birthday in September of 1950, without his parent’s knowledge or consent.  Upon completion of recruit and infantry training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, he was assigned to Item Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment at Camp Pendleton, CA.  Jim was then deployed for active duty in the Korean War where he fought in the battles of Bunker Hill and “The Hook”.  He received 3 purple hearts and a bronze star (with combat “V” for valor) during this first tour.  He was severely injured on “The Hook” and was sent home to recover at Great Lakes Naval Hospital.  Upon recovering, he was assigned to Subic Bay in the Philippines and then returned to Korea for his second tour when he was assigned to the 1st Marine Division Reconnaissance Company (Recon).  Jim was then assigned to Quantico, VA, where he achieved the rank of Sergeant prior to being honorably discharged in April, 1956.
Jim completed his high school equivalency and enrolled at American University in Washington, D.C. where he studied English and Theatre Arts.  Upon graduation from AU and the National Academy of Broadcasting, he moved to New York City where he joined the American Theatre Wing and then worked as an actor and writer under the stage name of Sheamus O’Connor.  He eventually returned to the Detroit area where he continued acting, modeling, and broadcasting, acting in plays at the Northland Playhouse with the likes of Bert Lahr, Kenny Delmar, Julie Harris, Joey Heatherton, Betty White, Walter Slezak, and Ann Sheridan.  
At this time, while working primarily in Detroit, he met his future wife, Lorri Kawiak, at a cast party.  Lorri was a former beauty queen, auto show model, and spokeswoman for various products and companies.  Jim and Lorri were married on October 14th, 1961 in East Detroit, Mi.  They settled in Warren, Mi and began a family.  Jim worked in pharmaceutical sales for a number of years before moving onto land sales at Lakes of the North, in Northern Michigan just outside of Gaylord.  They sold their home in Bloomfield and their cottage on Higgins Lake and moved north, eventually buying a home in Gaylord on West Otsego Lake Drive.
Jim transitioned from vacation property sales to general real estate, working for Ski & Shore and Garrett Realty.  After a number of years working for his good friend, Jim Garrett, he bought Gaylord Mortgage & Realty Co. in 1978, where he was the owner-broker and Lorri the office manager.  Jim and Lorri, and GMR were mainstays in the Gaylord real estate business for twenty-five years, before selling the company, the office building and the mini-storage building in 2003.                                  

Jim and Lorri bought a condo at The Otsego Club and began to enjoy retirement.  Their children and grandchildren spent the holidays and many weekends skiing and snowboarding in the winter and golfing in the summer.  They remained active in business and the community, managing their rental properties and enjoying the northern Michigan life style in the Gaylord area.  Jim became an avid biker, and at age 70, embarked on a remarkable 9700 mile six week trip by himself to Alaska and back.  Known as “Sarge”, he was a member of The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club where he thoroughly enjoyed his time in the saddle at meetings, trips, and rallies. 

Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Sun, 04/06/2014



Paul "Six" Ladd, Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired), September 3, 1953 - June 24, 2013.

Paul graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Business Management in 1976. He held a Master of Business Administrations (Logistics) degree from the Florida Institute of Technology and a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College. Commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1976, he completed The Basic School in March 1977. Paul served 28 years in the Marine Corps and attained the rank of colonel. He held all levels of command and also served on NATO staff. He spearheaded the task force for the Navy's Second Fleet security after the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole earning one of his Legion of Merit awards. Throughout his career, he was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC; Detroit, MI; Quantico, VA; Virginia Beach, VA; Okinawa, Japan; Camp Pendleton, CA; and Newport, Rhode Island. Paul final active duty position was Naval ROTC Commander at Iowa State University. Col. Ladd retired on April 30, 2004. Paul's personal decorations included the Legion of Merit (two awards), Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal with Gold Star, the Navy Commendation Medal and the Navy Achievement Medal.

On August 22, 1982, Paul married Debra Kay Lansman at Calvary Baptist Church in Walnut, Iowa. To this union two children were born, Joshua Warren and Allyson Marie.

Paul loved spending time with his family and supported them in all of their endeavors.

After retirement from the Marine Corps, Paul accepted the position of Director of Veterans Affairs for Boone County in 2005. He thoroughly enjoyed helping his community and would go out of his way to advocate for and help veterans whenever he could. Paul was also active at the state level of county Veterans Affairs organization.

Paul was sustained by his faith in the Lord and was an active member of the First Evangelical Free Church of Boone. He was also an active member with the Boone County Republicans, the Heartland Chapter of Leathernecks, Marine Corps League, VFW, American Legion, The Gideons and was involved with the ESGR (Employers Support of the Guard and Reserves). He truly loved his community and participated in any way that could.

Paul enjoyed riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and often made cross-country trips to visit family and friends. During the summer, he enjoyed training for RAGBRAI and participating in the week-long event with Team Navy Additionally, Paul enjoyed practicing Tae Kwon Do, collecting guns and hunting; however, what he enjoyed most was helping his neighbors and dear friends, Jon and Brandon King of King Farms, with fall harvest.

Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Mon, 06/24/2013

Paul "ICEMAN" Matthews RIP

Brother Iceman's catch phrase was "I'm the ICEMAN because I'm real cool" 

Brother IceMan was 63 years old and a Nam Vet. He received the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal w/device, Vietnam Service Medal w/1 star, combat Action Ribbon, Rifle Marksman Badge.

As the bell tolls...We Remember...Iceman... 

As the bell tolls...We Remember...Iceman's...Brotherhood... 

As the bell tolls...We Remember...Iceman's...Honor, Courage, Committment...

R. I. P. Paul "Iceman" Matthews. - You are remembered!


Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Sat, 12/01/2012

Sgt. Walter "Boots" Stafford

Sergeant Walter "Boots" Stafford

June 2 1948- June 6 2012
National Defense Service medal
Air Medal w/BR#7
Combat Action Ribbon
Combat Air Crew Insignia
Presidential Unit Citation
Viet Nam Service Medal w/5*
Purple Heart Medal
Viet Nam Campaign Medal w/device
Good Conduct (second award)
In his short time with us, Boots left his mark on everyone who knew him. A soft-spoken Warrior, he had a great sense of humor, and the stories of his three tours in Viet Nam as a door gunner and tunnel rat were nothing short of amazing. When he wasn't in his garden or riding, he was raising money for homeless vets. A genuine American hero , although in true form, he didn't think so. He said he had found a home with his brothers in the Leathernecks, and you could see it when he was with us.
Ride easy Brother Boots....we will miss you and that notebook you wrote in all the time.
We will meet again.
Semper Fidelis,
From: Brother Tink
Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Wed, 06/06/2012

Dan "Whitty" Witt



Brother whitty

As the bell tolls...we remember...
As the bell tolls...we remember...
As the bell tolls...we remember...
Whitty's...Honor, Courage and Commitment.
R.I.P. Dan "Whitty" Witt. - You are remembered!

Semper Fidelis,

Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Mon, 09/12/2011

Tommy Gun

Thomas Giles Schneider
(September 19, 1948 - August 18, 2011)

 Thomas Giles Schneider 

U.S. Veteran

With a smile and sense of humor that always lit up a room, a loving husband, devoted father and grandfather, dear friend and brother of the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club will be warmly remembered and sorely missed. Tom (Tommy Gun) was lifted by God to eternal life on August 18, 2011 in his 62nd year. We will think of him with the rumble of a Harley, the swing of a golf club on a mild Spring day, the thwack of a dart connecting with a bristle board, the scent of a freshly grilled burger.


Reported to Final Duty Station: 
Thu, 08/18/2011